Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today You Travel Back To The Sun...

I fought sleep until I lost last night. I so badly did not want today to come. This has been the fastest 7 days of my life. I can't imagine how your Daddy feels. 

You are his little cub & it's been so great to see him with you. It's been nice to see a different kind of love in his eyes & hear the gentle breeze in his voice. I hope one day you see how much he loves you. 

You have become my best friend in just a few days. I love the way you laugh & the sound of your whispers in the morning. I feel so renewed, because you make me see the world differently. Thank you. 

I didn't expect to take your leaving so hard. My stomach feels empty & my heart is missing a little piece already. I was so sure I could be strong because I knew (even though he didn't) that you having to go back home would break his heart. 

I know we will see you again and even though it won't be soon enough, I'm going to carry that with me today. I have to hold it together because I know Daddy is going to want to fall apart, and he's allowed. 

I'm going to get right to work on your scrapbook for your trip this week. I want you to have all these pictures & things from the places we've been, because one day they won't be able to still fit in your head. We will, you will make new memories with us. 

We will move mountains for you little man. 

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