Tuesday, November 24, 2015

For This I Am Thankful...

In true Thanksgiving fashion, I'm here to write about what I'm thankful for this year. There's a lot of ugly out in the world right now, so I feel like this is more important than ever. Important to take stock. 

I used to be the person who layed awake at night & worried over so much. I would think of all the things I needed to do the next day, then all the goals I still need to accomplish, then I'd wonder if I was enough. Enough to get where I wanted to be, enough to make people happy, enough to be the person everyone seems to think I am. I'd worry over things I cannot control; things completely out of my hands. 

But this year, I just let go. 
I accepted that sometimes the wind isn't going to blow my way. Sometimes I'm going to have to adjust my sail. 

 That's not to say, I don't lay my head down with the weight of the world still resting on my shiulders. But, let's just say it's considsrably less often. 

I'm thankful for that inner quiet that whispers more than it screams. 

I'm thankful that I grew in friendship & in family this year. I feel as though the stars have aligned in some way; I have a fantastic group of people I call my friends. They're people who really get me, and even when they don't they just smile & nod. 

The last bit is a twofer. 
My best friend, my husband. There are no words that truley express how thankful I am for you. You are not so much the air I breathe, but the breeze that catches my feet to raise me up. You arr not so much my reason to smile, but my laugh just as it reaches joy. I am in awe of you every day. I love you. 
It is because of you I am most thankful for the little burst of sunshine I finally got to warm in. I am so thankful that I met my stepson. He gave me a jolt of energy & arenewed  sense of purpose & self. I've lived him from behind the scenes, but it was really inspiring to step in front of the curtain. 

And for this I am thankful.  

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