Sunday, January 3, 2016

Frustrated Incorporated

It's been a weird weekend. 

We saw a lovely house on Thursday, met the property manager, kinda fell in love, started making plans for it. I did not want to pull the trigger too soon or jump on the first one we saw but it seemed right. It is on the higher side of our budget but it seems worth it. 

Everyone is kind of a mixed bag. Some friends are like "yeah! Go for it!" Others want us to take our time and "not rush into" anything. The thing is, time is not on our side & neither is the rental market. The landlord community seems to hate dogs over 20 lbs. Specifically mixed breed dogs over 20 lbs. 
This property won't charge us a deposit or an additional fee for our lil fur kids. In fact, we had a 15 minute conversation with the guy renting it & he loves dogs & has rescues of his own! 

Today, I was perusing the usual rental websites & came across a nice looking split level home (that type of layout is kinda my dream) only 13 minutes from where we've been living. Same price as the one we loved already (with pet fee) but bigger & (here's the kicker) an opportunity to own the house. According to the listing, $300 of our rent would be put towards a downpayment for the house. 
Seemed too good. I tried contacting the people today but it's a property managemt company & no one was in. I left a message.

 I told the previous guy (the prop mgr of the other house) that we have 1 other Id like to see before we pull the trigger. He called & told me that if we want the house it's ours, but definitely understands our position. He asked for details on this new property & I told him & he even offered advice on what to look for in that neighborhood & house. He said he has been offered properties in that area & doesn't take them because of wet basements; possibility of mold is too high. He told me what to look for when we view the place. He also said to be very thorough in my questions with them because the lease option pricing sounded very low to him (as a real estate guy). 
I thought that was incredibly nice & above & beyond what I expect in this situation. I was super impressed. 

Well we did a drive by / walk around of this other house & I was underwhelmed. It's a big house, nice yard... But very busy street. Noticed some condensation on the inside of the windows. Not just like when you breathe on the window kinda fog, but water drops. They were on the basement windows alot & on the dining room door windows out back. Several places in the back fence need replaced due to missing planks, siding is coming off in the back too. 1 neighbor seemed a little sketchy. 
I was underwhelmed & a little less excited about that potential. Still wanna get in there though. So I'll try & call tomorrow. 

I'm finding myself in a weird mood. I guess it's just the uncertainty of it all & the pace at which I need to get it together. 

I guess the right decision will make itself known to me in the next couple days.

Until then...   

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